1. Is it completely safe to use Autogrambot?

Absolutely, our bot replicates normal human activity and we stick within Instagram limits, so there is never any point where your Instagram account is in danger.

2. Must I stay online and with the site open to keep it working?

There is no need for you to stay online or keep the site open for Autogrambot to work because all of the actions are carried out on our servers. You just set it up and we do the rest.

3. Will it continue to work even if I close the browser, log off, or switch my computer off?

Yes, the amazing thing about Autogrambot is that your computer can even be switched off and the bot will still be able to work since the activity involves our servers and not your Internet connection. Logging off or closing the browser will also have no impact.

4. Why does it stop me from editing or changing my settings?

As soon as you start any activity with Autogrambot you are restricted from editing or changing those settings. However, if you wish to do so, you simply stop the activity, make the changes, and then start things once again.

5. Am I restricted in any way with following people?

Yes you are, but that has nothing to do with Autogrambot. Instead, it is due to limitations placed on you by Instagram. They limit the number to 7500, but remember that follow requests that are still outstanding also count towards that number. To free up space, unfollow some people and it will work again, but just remember your limits.

6. Why do I feel that it is working slowly?

This is because of the way that the bot works. We spread the actions throughout the day to stop you from hitting your daily limits on Instagram. We change the speed to make sure that all of your activity is distributed quite evenly throughout the day.

7. Why does it look like the Follow, Unfollow, Likes, or Comments are not working?

This means that you have hit your daily Instagram limit and is not to do with Autogrambot. To fix this, simply wait anywhere between 12 and 24 hours and then run your Activity again.

8. What do you mean by the term “Instagram limits”?

This refers to the number of actions that you can do on your account on any given day. However, the exact number can vary on different accounts, but generally you are allowed 300 follows, 200 unfollows, 1000 likes, and 250 comments over a 24 hour period.