How Instagram Can Take Your Niche Site To A Whole New Level

So, you are the owner of your very own niche website and clearly you want to drive as much traffic as possible to it and get as much interest as you can. Well, obviously there are going to be a number of ways in which you can achieve this, but there is one website that is often overlooked and that website is called Instagram.

Some Facts As To Why You Should Use It.

Let’s look at some facts and statistics that may help persuade you to invest some time and effort in Instagram.

First, more than 75 million people use the site on a daily basis and they have over 300 million different users in a single month. This is a huge number of people and surely you can see that a percentage of those millions of users are going to be interested in whatever you are doing no matter what it is?

The split between male and female users is also pretty even at 51% to 49%, so from a marketing perspective it does add to the feeling that there will be some people out there that want what your site is about.

One other major advantage with Instagram is that it has the highest percentage of customer engagement out of every single social media website. Why is this important? Well, if you can upload the correct images and use the correct hashtags on Instagram it does mean that you will stand a good chance of people that have an interest in what you do then finding your website.

When you have so many people on the one site, then it makes a lot of sense from a marketing point of view to try to take advantage of those visits for your own niche site. However, there is only one problem and that problem is how to actually use it to your advantage. Well, it is easier than you think.

How To Use Instagram.

The key here is in using Instagram in the correct manner for your niche website and there are several things that you are advised to do and to do so immediately.

To begin with, you need to add as many details as possible to your profile because this is where people learn about you and decide if they do indeed want to follow you. Make sure that you mention your interests in your profile and of course you also need to mention your niche website because clearly they want to know the link.

However, when you have millions of people on a site every single day, then you need to take steps so that your niche website will benefit from the traffic. This can be done in a number of ways and this step by step instruction will make life easier.

After filling out your profile you should search for users that are already showing an interest in whatever your website is about. They may have made comments about it or they could have uploaded images that are related to whatever it is that you are doing and that should be a red light for you to try to make contact with them. In this instance you should consider following them because it is often the case that people on social media will reciprocate and the more popular you appear the more other people will add you as well.

Getting Followers.

What we are saying here is that you need to really focus on building followers and this should be first on your list of priorities when using Instagram to increase traffic for your niche website.

Find people that are using hashtags that are relevant to what you are doing and follow them or post comments on their images. Set up contests with your images aimed at the kind of market or traffic that you would like to have to your site in order to draw them in. When somebody does show an interest make sure that you interact with them as everybody loves an account that realizes that they are a real person.

By focusing on followers it will lead to your Instagram account growing organically and that is when the traffic to your website will really begin to increase.

Posting Those Images.

If we focus on the images, then the best advice that we can offer to help you with the traffic for your niche site is to upload relevant images pretty much every single day. People love it when a profile is active and it has been shown to draw in more followers simply because the profile is not seen as being dead.

You should also look at posting images on a Sunday as it is believed that this is the day of the week where images have the highest engagement, so you stand a better chance of them being picked up by the people that you wish to target.

Another tip is to make sure that the images that you are posting for your niche site are bright and appealing. Studies have shown that these kinds of images get more interest, and as much as 25% more, than images that are seen as being dull or boring. You need to make your niche site appear interesting to potential visitors, so see the images that you post as being part of your marketing plan and surely you want them to accurately reflect your site and show people that it really is appealing?

So What Is The Outcome Of All Of This?

What we are saying is that Instagram is a wonderful way of building traffic for your niche website because this is a social media website that has the highest amount of engagement and that can only bode well for your website. It allows you to use hashtags to follow people that are relevant to you and then you can control the images that you upload that will make your site appear like somewhere that they need to be.

Quite simply, if you have a website and are not on Instagram, then you are making a big mistake. Sign up, get that profile, and start interacting and your site will benefit as a result.