Instagress Or Autogrambot: Which One Works Best?

Using a bot in order to grow your Instagram account is undoubtedly a good idea. By automating so many aspects it does mean that you can spend time doing other things whilst also knowing that your Instagram account is in safe hands.

However, a quick look will show you that there is more than one bot on the market and of course that will often then lead to you being rather undecided as to which one to choose. The answer is by comparing them and right now we will look at two such bots and in this instance it is Instagress and Autogrambot.

What Are The Bots?

We should begin by quickly mentioning what the bots are capable of doing and they are actually pretty identical in so many ways. They are both able to like, follow, and unfollow people on Instagram and you can even set daily limits so that the bot will switch off when it reaches its target. Clearly this is going to be extremely useful for a number of people, but neither bot stops there.

How About Photos?

This is where there is a difference between the two bots. Clearly uploading images is a key part of Instagram because without them it just would not exist. However, setting aside time to upload an image, or more than one, can be rather annoying and who could blame you if you forgot for whatever reason? Well, this is one point where the two bots are different because Autogrambot has decided to add a special photo scheduler and this is something that is missing with Instagress.

What happens with this is that you can schedule the bot to upload images at set times and you can see how this can be a major advantage as it really does free up time for you to do other things. If you plan on keeping your account as active as possible, then this is one feature that can really help you.

They Both Operate On Every Browser.

Aside from the actions, we need to point out that both bots can run on any browser and it also does not matter if you have a PC or a Mac. It is also true that you do not need to have the browser open as the bot runs because it will always use the server from the bot rather than you own computer.

They Both Largely Keep Your Account Safe.

One major fear that people have when they run a bot on any social media website is the fear that their account is going to be compromised. Thankfully, this is generally not a problem when you run either of these bots as they do have things in place that stop you from hitting the limits that are set by Instagram themselves. This is pretty good because it does mean that you can allow the bot to run without worrying too much, but there is one difference and that difference can be key for keeping your account active.

The Use Of Proxies.

The key difference that we are talking about is with the use of proxies to protect your account and this is something that you only get with Autogrambot. This bot actually goes one step further and uses the Instagram API and this is more important than you may initially think.

You see, by failing to use proxies it will make it so much easier for Instagram to spot any un-natural activity on your account and ban it as a result. By using proxies it gives you an extra layer of protection and as a result greater peace of mind that your account will be safe unless you personally do something to put it at risk.

They Both Have An Easy To Understand Interface.

In order to get the bots to work you need to use their interface and both bots provide you with something that is easy to understand and you will have no problems in operating it.

You Get A Trial With Both.

So, at this point you are probably interested in using one of the bots to boost your Instagram account and it does help that you get a trial with either of them. However, Instagress only gives you three days to try it out while you get seven days with Autogrambot and, to be honest, this provides you with a better idea as to whether or not the bot is actually going to work for you.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The final area to look at is what you actually get for your money and this is where there is yet another difference. With Instagress you are looking at it costing you $9 for a single account whereas with Autogrambot you get three accounts for the same $9. Now, obviously this is a big difference and what it means for you is that you can use those proxies and run those accounts at the same time and your Instagram account will then be able to grow faster than ever before.


So, which bot is best between Instagress and Autogrambot? Well, in most areas they are identical, but there are some differences and they are things that can really help you to boost your Instagram account faster than ever before.

What we can conclude is that thanks to the photo uploading option, the increased security for your account thanks to the use of proxies and with you getting three times the number of accounts for the same price, then we have to say that Autogrambot is the best.

By using a bot you will be able to automate so many aspects of your Instagram account and you will wonder why you never used one before. However, you always need to keep your account safe and that is where Autogrambot really comes to the fore. Think about it this way. Why would you want to risk doing all of this work with your account and then have it banned? Surely it is better to take all of the precautions? In that case there is only one bot that you should use, Autogrambot.