Precious Tips to Help You Choose the Right Instagram Influencers

Using Instagram influencers is also a smart method to boost your brand in the industry, but check the quality before using!

Instagram is one of the newest social networks in the digital world nowadays. Like Twitter and Facebook, it also has a newsfeed and personal profiles. It supports all users share their photos and videos with families, friends, and other followers from countries to the world.


As an individual user, you totally interact with everyone by following them. Through Instagram, you can enter a new open and see how the world run. As a digital marketer, you should not miss out this social channel to promote the company’s product or service and show how these are good with the world. Well, you enable to run advertising on the Instagram platform, but this is a short method only!

And finding the influencers in Instagram is becoming more common approach like Facebook. The point here is figuring out the true influencers. This is the main idea that I have to share with you right now!

Things to consider when finding out the Instagram influencers

Things to consider when finding out the Instagram influencers

Before having the Instagram influencer, please keep in mind that all influencers are not good at all. Some influencers are not ideal for your brand while others could be fake Instagram influencers. In this way, you need to write down all the points you should have a real profile Instagram influencer like these:

The number of audiences

Surely, the number of visitors follow the influencer can be interested in your brand. This is one of the greatest points to focus on.

Interests or true industry

If your company is selling cosmetic products, then you should find the place with beauty care or something like this. In other words, you need to choose some beauty bloggers in Instagram to show your brand in their photos or videos.


The price of paying for Instagram influencers is less expensive than the advertising payment in a campaign. Also, this is a worthy way to attract your targeted audiences and prospects to your service or product.

Engagement scales

When viewing all profiles of these Instagram influencers, do not see the number of followers only! Instead, you should draw attention to the quality behind the scenes such as Likes, Comments, etc.

Some great methods to obtain the real Instagram influencers

When you have the right shortlist of Instagram influencer, now this is the time of identifying how to find them. Some methods are expensive while others are not.

Corporate with a reliable agency

Have you known that more and more Instagram influencers often work with agents? Why they do it? It is not difficult to understand because they need to their co-operation. In other words, agents will need to have Instagram influencers to run new campaigns and these influencers want to improve their personal brands on the market.

If you want to find the influencer, then you could discover the right source. And agencies are one of the most popular resources for you. However, you probably pay more money as you have to pay the cost of an agency and the influencer as well. Consider your budget when you choose this solution.

Do it by yourself

If you can arrange the time to work and you are being ignored by lots of Instagram users, you will need to find the influencers by yourself.

First, you should search for hashtags or related keywords to your service or product. Then, you need to look at any account or other posts which use those hashtags. After that, take time to follow how often the influencer posts are publishing, how she or he does, how their engaged posts are, and all accounts of persons follow the influencers.

When you check these points carefully, you can contact with the true influencer and both of you unable to start your campaign.

Consider the tool

There are many tools to help you find the Instagram influencers on the social channels. Nonetheless, do not forget to check how well the work of these tools is and filter the wanted influencer as well. This issue will be published in another post for you to review.

Select the influencer from the marketplace

With the influencer marketplace, you completely choose the ideal person for your brand. You do not have to take several hours to find the right hashtags or keywords first and you do not have to pay too much money for an agent.

By doing this, you still hunt the influencer in your main niche. Moreover, you ought to catch with the true audiences and prospects in your industry. Thus, in my opinion, this is the smartest way to implement right away.

The question is how can I find the influencer marketplace? I will give you this point in the next article for the upcoming time.

How to check the quality of the Instagram influencer

Check the quality of their posts

Do not see tons of posts on the profile of the Instagram influencer and assume that he or she is an ideal influencer. You need to check their quality when you find it such as their content, their images, their videos, etc. In other words, you should have the skill to test the truth behind.

Pay attention to the lifespan of their account

Another point you should test out is the length of using time in an influencer. This is a great way to tell about their followers and their profiles are real or not.

Basically, if you want to have a huge number of followers with a high-quality concept, you will have to spend many times to invest in. Typically, it can count for months and years. Thus, you should find the first time they have created their accounts in advance.

Final thought

I am sure that when you apply these suggestions from my experience, you finally figure out the suitable influencer for your brand. Do not look at their outside image only and miss out their internal concept. You absolutely do not want to have a big excuse because of silly mistake! Take time to do your homework and do not rush at first.