[Proxies Issue] How to Unblock Action Blocked on Instagram

Dear clients,

Because we have a lot of customers, the cost of buying proxies is high while our service prices are quite low. We advise clients to use their own private proxies when using our services. So you solve the problem “Action blocked by Instagram”. Also Private Proxies can keep your account safe and run our bot better.

Here is steps to setup private proxies.

Step 1:  Buy an “instagram proxies” on this website proxy6.net . If you want to buy bulk cheap private proxies you can buy here buyproxies.org

Please use this coupon to save 5%: tMVX2Y6RyN


Step 2: Click to “Settings Account”


Step 3: Put your proxy here and click “Save” button

Proxies format will look like this: ip:port:username:password




Step 4: Stop and Start your IG account again. Please note that IG may ask for verify code again when you run with new proxies.

Now your IG account will run with your own private proxies.

Thank You!