The Secrets You Will Never Know about Instagress Alternatives

No one tells you about the Instagress alternatives because they are not sure the impact on these tools. However, when you find out more about these devices, enjoy your final results!


Unfortunately, the founder of Instagram adjusts a new popular social media automation structure which is called Instagress to come closer to the Instagram’s legal team because this marketing platform violated the terms of service from the Instagram.

Luckily, most users love Instagress because it has an automation system in order to engage other users via comments, likes, follows on the Instagram platform. This system helps Instagress users boost their account awareness and develop followers.

For these reasons, most digital marketers see Instagress as a great source for understanding their clients because these make their life easier. And to use these Instagress tools smoothly, there are several alternative tools available in these days. Take time to find out!

Top Instagress alternatives that you may come across

#1 – FollowAder


FollowAder is a reputable brand for Instagram accounts because it will support you to pay attention to your Instagram following. Additionally, it helps you to select potential followers and remove all the junks that happen on social media.

You do not have matter the schedule of your photo posts as it will help you take your all post at the right time when you have chosen your expected time. Do not miss out the suitable hashtag and captions as well when using FollowAder. Once everything is done, you ought to manage the comments and observe your following increase.

When you have more than one account, FollowAder can support you to build your true followers without making a mess!

Things I like

  • Free-of-charge supporting
  • Affordable price tag
  • Many packages with the same features
  • Ease of use
  • Suitable interface for entry-level users

Things I do not like

  • Not available for experienced users or gurus
  • Used for the Instagram account only

#2 – SocialDrift


No matter how the advanced algorithm in the Instagram’s terms of service is, SocialDrift can help all social media marketers to hook the right Instagram users within a few clicks. To begin with, SocialDrift patrons will provide the structure with the true information to make sure only targeted audiences are reached out.

Then, SocialDrift will do its job by helping you click, comments and follow the right accounts that you want to stay focused on. By the time, this engagement will control the Instagram users to test out your account on the Instagram platform.

Many accounts will follow your account as a thank you for your following. SocialDrift offers all clients with a new dashboard which displays information related to both activities and follower development.

Things I like

  • Reasonable price point
  • Many features (such as Growth Reports, Proxy, Secure Boost, Turbo Mode, etc.)
  • Great customer support without charging
  • Improve real growth and true followers

Things I do not like

Basic looking for new users (it is not an attractive interface for advanced users)

#3 – InstaQ

For the first time of viewing the interface of InstaQ, you may attract its slogan “Grow your online business on autopilot”. Well, InstaQ is a desktop tool that greatly supports all your digital marketing activities on the Instagram platform without using extra gadgets.  In other words, InstaQ is another well automated bot which has the similar features to FollowAdder and it is not expensive at all.

It draws attention to the business activity on the Instagram platform, attempting their services to drive the demographic and proving that they have a full of automated devices so that you enable to build up your services or products through your Instagram account.

Moreover, it takes all activities like real users to evade being noticed as automation by Instagram. This enhances your opportunities of going unidentified while using their services and creating it a more safety bot to use. Also, they offer an additional forum to help all users can read some tips, tricks, and video tutorials to promote your Instagram through the InstaQ.

Things I like

  • Several features (to meet the requirements for running a business)
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Included video tutorials and tips for new users
  • Ease of use and monitor the Instagram platform
  • Protected the Instagram account

Things I do not like

  • No free trial for new users to test the tool

Not suitable for other social media like Twitter and Google

#4 – Following Like


In case you need to run many accounts at once, then you could select the Following Like to help you do that.

It is also a great tool for anyone to access several interfaces and wants to monitor these in one place only. With the incredible alternative device like the Following Like, it is so useful to operate new platform and protect you from other potential risks through your own accounts.

Another great point of the Instagram is that it ought to unfollow any account which does not follow you anymore after long periods of time. You will have the opportunity to highlight the accounts you want to un-follow.

Also, you enable to establish the system in order to follow some specific users through the Following Like when you need to find out the right audiences. It is helpful to stay focused on their niche on the market. Send a direct message to your followers is not a big problem! Or you can send your own thank-you message to all new followers immediately.

Things I like

  • Reasonable price point without paying extra fees
  • Managed all social platforms through a tool only
  • Many scheduling options to choose from

Things I do not like

Not attractive interface for advanced users

#5 – Agora Pulse

It is said that Agora Pulse is one of the most appealing tools with great fee options for all users to pick the right choice. The company has 3 main different price tags relying on your business scales and requirements.

Furthermore, you enable to arrange the time to post your content with the exact times of day in order to boost your visibility. Along with your post, you ought to make a week content which is truly worthy to go once scheduled within a few minutes!

Things I like

  • Ease of install and use
  • Many schedule options
  • Free-of-charge trial
  • Customizable interface

Things I do not like

Competitive price for small businesses for a while

Why should you pay attention to use Instagress alternative tools?

Because the digital world is so huge and the days of taking true followers by picking a bot are disappeared, you cannot write all comments with boring phrases like a nice pic or amazing post. You probably take more followers, but you will identify that these comments are spam in the long period of time.

On the one hand, you do not have time to follow all members on the Instagram platform and other social channels day-by-day. Sometimes, you need to monitor all social media structures in one place and the alternatives will support you to do that.

On the other hand, you can drive the traffic on the social channels and estimate the new trend of using the social media from your clients.

Final words

Select and use the Instagress alternative tool is a smart choice to increase your business when you enter the digital world. You can become an influencer or a business owner depending on your inspire and needs. Do not ignore it if you do not want to leave behind!