The Top Niches You Should Focus On Building With Instagram

Do you know that there is more to using Instagram than just being a place to upload various photos? In actual fact, there are a number of people that use Instagram for marketing purposes and in particular with building up a following for their niche website. In all honesty this is such a clever move because thanks to the way in which Instagram works you can really pick out the people that are perhaps going to be really interested in what you have to offer, but it then leads to a question and that question is what kind of niches can you focus on?

How To Build That Following?

First, let’s quickly run over how you can use Instagram to build a following for your niche website just so as you know how to proceed.

With Instagram you can complete a fairly full profile and this is the place where you can mention your niche website as well as your interests and this is something that you really must do. People will pick up on your profile and the best way to increase exposure is by using relevant hashtags that people will then search for in order to come across your account.

Hashtags are wonderful and they work in the exact same way on Instagram as they do with Twitter, so make sure that you use keywords that are relevant to what you are doing. You should also consider using hashtags such as #follow to help build your account and when this is matched with keywords for your site you get a targeted following and that is what you are really wanting to see.

Of course you also need to make sure that you upload content that is relevant to your niche and to do so on a regular basis so that people see that your account is active and not dead. This will then lead to people feeling drawn to your profile and then it is just a small jump for them to end up at your niche website, which is what you want.

The Niches To Focus On.

As you can see, it is relatively straightforward building a following on Instagram, although it does require work, but what niches should you focus on with this website?

The most popular niches, and we are talking about quite general markets and you can narrow it down to something more specific within the subject, generate a huge amount of interest on Instagram. Now, do not allow yourself to be put off by this because in this instance popularity is a good thing and there is enough room for everybody, so there is no need to be worried about competition.

So, what are the key niches?

Interior Design.

People on Instagram love to see images to do with interior design. We are not just talking about entire rooms, but clever ways of making aspects of a room sparkle, individual items, colors, décor, pretty much everything and anything that you can imagine. With this, you should use hashtags that are related to specific aspects of design, so be as descriptive as possible in just a single word and you will do well.


Makeup is another popular niche especially if the image then leads to a website that has tutorials on how to perfect a certain look. There are endless possibilities with this niche, but use hashtags that focus on names or perhaps specific parts of the face to draw in followers.


Hair is yet another niche that you might want to focus on and the best thing to do is to either focus on the latest trends or the latest products that can do amazing things. Of course this is focusing on the 49% of Instagram users that are women, so you do have a large market to target, so use hashtags related to types of haircuts or even celebrities that appear in the images that you have uploaded.


When we look at the demographics we see that a large percentage of the people that go on Instagram are of that age bracket where they are having a family. That is one reason why something connected to babies is such a good idea whether it be parenting tips, products, or anything else related to a baby. Of course people also love the general cuteness that surrounds them, so use very descriptive hashtags to get that following.


Everybody loves fashion and it is no different on Instagram. Look at focusing on hashtags such as #trending or specific brands that appear in your images to really get some interest.


Focusing on a niche site that deals with the garden or outdoors in general is especially popular in the summer months. Once again there is real scope when it comes to the specific niche within this subject, but images that show a wonderful relaxing garden are always popular. Try to use hashtags related to plants or garden features to get some interest.

Crafts and hobbies.

There is no doubt that people love showing off what they have managed to make, so having a niche website that perhaps offers tutorials or products to help them is a wonderful idea. With this, you want to use hashtags that include the likes of #handmade or #craft to get those followers.


As with the baby niche it is true to say that a number of people that use Instagram are of the marrying age. This makes this a wonderful niche to get involved in as there are so many things you can post that are related to weddings in general. Focus on hashtags such as #bride, #weddings, or even #weddinginvitations to increase awareness.


People love to be healthy and are drawn to images that promote a healthy lifestyle. This is good news for you because you have so many options when it comes to health and one area is nutrition. Images of nice looking food are always welcome, so try #nutritious, #healthyliving, or #healthyfood and see the results.

Of course you do not have to go with any of the niches that we have mentioned above as the possibilities with Instagram are pretty much endless. The key in all of this is the way in which you use the hashtags and it can often be a case of trial and error to discover the ones that really do work. Clearly you also need to pay a lot of attention to the types of images that you upload, but if you perfect this, then you will find that your niche website will get the traffic it deserves and it is all thanks to Instagram.