Things You Should Know about Sell Products on Instagram

Is it difficult to sell products on Instagram? Check these out and you will know the answer!

In the today digital world, if you do not sell your products or services on the social channels, your business is going to have bankruptcy soon. Or you ignore the social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. do not surprise that your sales revenue strongly decreased.


Selling your brand on the Facebook platform is a good way to expand your business scale, but you should consider another social media like Instagram to promote your products or services is also a smart choice. How to sell on Instagram?

#1 – Create an account and design an eye-catching profile

Obviously, if you want to sell your products or services on Instagram, you have to make an account. On the other hand, you should create your profile and your bio to become more attractive in order to get followers. By doing this, you are enhancing the opportunity to reach your prospects and clients.

#2 – Post and share wonderful photos and videos

Because Instagram is a visual platform, posting amazing photos and videos to reach someone’s eyes is more important than its content. Also, all images and videos need to tell a story to support prospective customers imagine what you are talking about.

#3 – Select and use hashtags carefully

An Instagram structure has tons of hashtags, you use them in your posts. Similarly, other users often search for hashtags when they begin with their research. And take the right hashtags in your industry is a smart way to build your profile to sell your product or brand.

To find some recommendations about the hashtags, you can access this website: When you have an ideal hashtag list, think about how to use these wisely along with your products or service.

#4 – Have a great connection to your followers

Like other social channels, you should take time to interact with your followers as you do not know who will become your prospects. Also, these followers can become a potential source to promote your brand freely.

Write some helpful comments and give the right answers to your posts as well as their posts are also crucial. You are participating in their story and understand the member in the community as well. Build a solid relationship with your audiences first is a worthy investment

#5 – Use Instagram influencers

Make good relations with the true influencer is vital to your advertising strategy; especially if you are running a small business and you are owned your first Instagram account.

Spend time to hunt an ideal influencer and make a plan with them on your advertising campaign in advance. Then, contact them and let them understand your products or services to adjust their own concept on their timeline.

#6 – Make your clients can shop with your images

An Instagram interface can make all photos become shoppable ones, taking some brands to share its product details, touching the Shop Now button through the application.

The customers enable to buy whenever they want to and their buying behavior is more priceless.

Therefore, you should use this feature or try to take another step by changing their web pages to suit this social application. By doing this, shopping experience for your patrons is more incredible.

#7 – Run Instagram ads

One of the most popular ways to sell your service or product is using the Instagram ads. Instagram provides all the similar interfaces as Facebook when using the relevant buying platforms. You ought to promote your videos, images or content through the Instagram application.

Your task is considering the budget; find the targeted audience and the length of time to run the Instagram ads. Please note that you should establish a business profile on the Instagram structure in advance.

#8 – Show your customer testimonials

Do you know that social proof plays a big role in your selling product process? Your prospects can check this information first when they are considering your product or service.

These social proves can be a strong tool to build a reputable brand image for your business. Furthermore, you ought to interview these loyal clients and make some videos about how they love your brand pretty much.

#9 – Utilize promo code

Make an image or video based on the promo code to appeal everyone to stop touching their smart devices and go to your web page. In addition, you enable to add the promo code in the caption, letting audiences know how they can use it or embed it in each photo. Do not forget to remove all posts or photos when the promo code is not valid.

Recommend some products that you might sell on the Instagram

In case you have no idea about what types of products should sell on the Instagram platform, here are a few ideas.

Online courses

Through your Instagram account, you enable to promote your online courses by posting videos and image as well. For instance, you can sell healthy courses via posting some healthy images and useful videos.

Beauty cosmetic

Whatever you are selling products, you can use Instagram to introduce your product or related service. Most beauty bloggers often have their own Instagram account and show some beauty cosmetic.


Take into account the kind of clothes you would like to sell such as beachwear, women’s clothes, gym clothes, etc.


If you are loving cuisine or art of food, you will post several photos and making videos about food. Moreover, this is a good way to share your experience and how to cook a special food.


Like clothes, accessories are also good items to sell on Instagram. Find the right audiences and targeted clients to attract them with your products.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, it is not a daunting task to boost your product or service on the Instagram interface. Think of one of those tips and implement your own situation to increase your sale revenue. Do not wait because your competitors are also using Instagram and make some strategies to compete with you!