Top Ways That You Can Earn Money On Instagram

If you thought that Instagram was just a place for you to upload images, then think again. Instead, there are a number of people that actually use it to earn money and the best part is that you can join them as it is easier than you think.

What you need to remember is that Instagram has over 300 million users and is growing on a constant basis and that is a huge market that you need to tap into. However, you are probably wondering just how exactly you can make money from the site, but these methods should get you started.

Become A Photo Editor.

One way that you can earn money is by showcasing your talents as a photo editor. The best way to do this is to upload a before and after image to allow people to see the difference that you could make to their own images. You will be surprised at the way in which people with their own websites can then contact you for some help and, as a result, you can start to charge for the honor of having you edit their photographs.

Become A Marketer And Sell Shoutouts.

If you focus on building a following, then you can jump on the bandwagon that is a social media marketer. There are companies out there that are looking for people with large followings that can then promote their products and they will pay you for it as well and this is called a shoutout. With this, it can often work to your benefit if you have a niche following and you can then actively hunt out companies that work in that niche and sell yourself to them. If all it takes is some simple promoting on your account followed by being paid, then that is pretty cool.

People will automatically become interested in buying a shoutout from you when your account has more than 50,000 followers and of course the more you have, then the bigger the price you can charge. Use an Instagram bot to get those followers and make sure that your account is kept active, but be careful with the bot you use as some may get your account banned.

Sell Your Account.

This is yet another way of making money. If you have built up an account that is focused on a particular niche, then you can easily sell it to people that work in that market. To them, your account is worth money because there are potential customers just sitting there waiting for them and they will then make cash. What you need to do is to use a bot to build those accounts to then turn them around and sell them on for a profit.

Market Services.

You can use your Instagram account to market your services in general whether it be to promote products for others, to boost your own products, or sell your services as a freelancer. Yes, you can even use Instagram to sell the fact that you are a writer or great at graphic design and as long as you use the correct hashtags, then you can indeed make money.

Promote Affiliate Links.

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, then you can use Instagram to your advantage. The key here is to build a targeted following and to then insert your affiliate links cloaked with a shortened url and you will be surprised at how many people will then click on them. Of course it does help if you spend the time getting the correct type of followers for your affiliate products as this will increase the click-thru rate and hopefully lead to you earning more money as a result.

Google Adsense.

Adsense is of course those ads that appear on the Google search engine results pages and if you work with Google and put them on your website, then you are paid money whenever an individual clicks on an ad. So, how do you make money with this via Instagram?

The key is to build a niche website and to then build a niche following on Instagram. You then use Instagram to drive traffic to your site as you know that there is an increased possibility of them then clicking on an advert and earning you money. It might sound slightly complicated, but in all honesty it is quite straightforward. Once again, make full use of hashtags and a bot to build that account and you will start to see your Adsense income grow.

Sell Your Items Online.

Instagram is actually a wonderful website to use if you are looking to sell items online. You can take a relatively boring image and turn it into something quite spectacular thanks to their filters and this is certainly something that you should be looking at doing when trying to sell something through their website. You can post your item for sale on the likes of Ebay and then use Instagram to drive traffic to wherever it is listed as it is a fabulous traffic source and one that you need to take full advantage of.

There are various other ways in which you can use Instagram to earn money, but the ones listed above should be enough to get you started. The key in all of this is your account and as we have mentioned a number of times you should think about using a bot to build those followers as it can be done automatically and it frees you up to do other things elsewhere.

People are making a fortune every single month via Instagram and all it takes is some basic understanding of marketing and a willingness to put in some effort on your part to make it work. Learn about hashtags and how to use them to your advantage and look at what other people are doing from a business perspective on the site for some further inspiration. There are millions of people on this website and millions are just waiting to spend money, so do not allow them to slip through your fingers.