Why You Must Experience Instagram Giveaway At Least Once In Your Lifetime

If this is the first time you hear the Instagram Giveaway, then you should spend time to discover it strongly.

How can I boost social media engagement on my Instagram account? – This is one of the most common ways that every user wonders; especially if they own their business account. Even if you have a personal account, you still want to expand more followers. You probably use Instagram ads, but this method will cost you a lot of bucks that you feel uncomfortable at the final tunnel.


In this situation, you would like to find another solution to reduce the price and you still gain the positive result. I am going to tell you that approach…it is the Instagram giveaway! How could you do that? Take time to figure out!

An overview of the Instagram giveaway

You should understand what is the Instagram giveaway and how could you undertake it in advance. Once you are clear about it, you totally do it and increase followers.

A term of the Instagram giveaway is a giveaway hosted on the Instagram platform. Some users can sell amazing prizes while others can sell other things like shares.

In other words, it is all about your ideas. If you create more ideas, then you could run these on Instagram.

However, please bear in mind that your ideas should be applied which means that you should put your ideas in the real life and these work for your business.

Recommend some giveaway ideas that you may come across

Challenge giveaways

Challenge giveaways are one of the most popular ideas for most Instagram accounts. It provides participants a challenge to flesh out like giving a particular photo, recording themselves about what are they doing to overcome difficulties. The challenges are varied and they are not easy to pass. Nonetheless, the attendees and other audiences still have some fun to watch.

Product-feature giveaways

These are a well-known platform for a giveaway, but they have done by other Instagram accounts or other sponsored brands. You will find the suitable sponsorship and it should be effective to your account. Then, you consider the prize because everyone does not like to run the campaign without getting any money. Remember, nothing is free!

Caption contest

These forms are not hard to understand and do. You post an image and ask your followers to write the caption they want to. If anyone gives an ideal caption with some humorous idea, he or she will receive your small prize. Please note that you should update the latest trends to put attractive photos.

Scheduled giveaways

Scheduled giveaways are also called follower giveaways, but you need to arrange the right time to publish it. You should make the small prize every week to reach random followers and show those followers when they win the contest. This is a good way to inspire everybody to follow your page on a regular basis because they will identify that you are creating an opportunity for them to win.

Selfie contests

This is an old type of Instagram giveaway but it is not cold at all. You create a contest and ask everyone to take their selfie photos, but be sure to check your contest rules before publishing. I am sure that everyone loves showing themselves through great photos.

Scenery photography contests

This is a wonderful contest for those who want to show their photos through Instagram. It helps you to encourage your followers to take pictures of diverse scenery they want to share. If they love the beach scenery, they will share every side of the beach in their pictures.

By doing this, you will engage more audiences and increase the source of beautiful photos at the same time. The point here is you should take into account some suitable contest rules for these contests.

Loop giveaways

Loop giveaways are also known the loop of people is running the giveaway on Instagram. The loop attendees need to follow to take an opportunity to win the prize. Users are inspired to follow the loop to win the rewards of the giveaway.

For-follow giveaways

If you are a novice in this field, this could be the right choice for you. It is simple to mix your ideas and someone’s ideas and develop them to boost the audiences when running the giveaway. Collect and filter the idea carefully!

Art contests

Through the art contest, you can attract the artists who follow you. Build main restrictions and rules on Instagram and run your campaign to test what users can bring forward.

Identify the right time to do the giveaways

In fact, giveaways have various sizes and shapes. Thus, you should realize the right time to open these wheels to keep on your track. Also, you should keep your eyes on the feed and your page on a daily basis.

Do not forget to ask yourself some essential terms like what and when you should run your show on Instagram. In other words, you should understand both your brand and your clients to build a true bridge between them.

Try a product on your company first and test the final performance to consider for other shows by minding your metrics.

How to establish your giveaways

Make your goals

Whatever you do for engaging your audiences or promoting your brand by using Instagram giveaways, you should set your goals first. What do you need to run? What should you do in advance? Where should your key ideas implement? Are they suitable? Think of these two or three times before putting your targets. Knowing what you need is important.

Choose the prize

You have the right to pick the prize for a contest or a giveaway campaign. However, it does not mean you can do anything randomly. Build the ideal prize levels with suitable gifts or presents and these should be possible to your budget.

Prepare for your commitment

Set the rules and try to prepare for your commitment to building your reputation. This is a good way to prove your brand image in your customer mind or prospects. Be careful with your giveaway or contest.

Final words

Engage your followers by using Instagram giveaways are a great method for the long period of time. You have to check your wallet to set the prize, but the cost for these is less expensive than running the Instagram Ads. The key rule is you need to set long-term strategies and short-term strategies to consider what types of engaging the audiences.